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Compare all Direct Payday Loan Lenders, not brokers. Have a look through, to find out more information about the direct payday lenders, use the “more info” Links or you can click on the “Apply” button, once you have browsed the payday loan lenders who you wish to apply to, click on the “Apply now” button, to be redirected to the lender’s own website, where you will be able to make your application. You can apply to as many payday loan companies as you wish but we do encourage responsible borrowing and we will only work with responsible lenders. Don’t forget to check out our facebook page

If you are one of the payday lenders that are not on this list, please get in touch via our contact form. It is free to be listed in our payday loan comparison table.

    The Payday Lenders

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    Company APR% Max Loan Faster Payments Lends To Review Apply
    Access Fast Money 2964% Representative £150 Yes - Fee applies Access Fast Money Review Apply
    Bonga Loans 821% Representative £1000 Yes During Opening Hours Bonga Loans Review Apply
    Fancy A Payday 2964% Representative £150 for 1st Loan then up to £500 Yes Fee applies Fancy A Payday Review Apply
    My Mate Representative 746% APR. £2500 Yes My Mate Review Apply
    MYJAR 1272% Representative £500 Yes MYJAR Review Apply
    Payday UK 5290% Representative £1000 Yes - see their website for details Payday UK Review Apply
    Peachy Payday Loans 1058% Representative £500 Yes Peachy Payday Loans Review Apply
    PiggyBank 1355% APR Representative £500 Yes PiggyBank Review Apply
    Pounds To Pocket Short-Term Loans 278% Representative £2000 Yes Pounds To Pocket Short-Term Loans Review Apply
    QuickQuid FlexCredit 1362% Representative £1500 upto £1000 for 1st Loan Yes QuickQuid FlexCredit Review Apply
    QuickQuid Short-Term Loans 1999% Representative £1500 upto £1000 for 1st Loan Yes QuickQuid Short-Term Loans Review Apply
    Quid24 Payday Loans 1334% Representative £300 Yes Quid24 Payday Loans Review Apply
    Redwallet Loans 2116% Representative £400 for 1st Loan Yes Redwallet Loans Review Apply
    Satsuma Loans Representative 793.8% APR £800 but £300 for new customers Yes Satsuma Loans Review Apply
    Shelby Finance 1568.1% Representative £600 but up to £300 for first loan Yes - Fee applies Shelby Finance Review Apply
    Shopacheck 399.7% Representative £1000 No Shopacheck Review Apply
    Swift Sterling 2329% representative £1000 but up to £200 for 1st Loan Next Day Swift Sterling Review Apply
    The Quick Loan Shop LTD 1734% Representative £500 Yes The Quick Loan Shop LTD Review Apply
    Tide U Over 1734% APR Representative £500 but £300 for first loan Yes - Before 5pm Tide U Over Review Apply
    Vario Loans Representative APR 2334% £250 or £500 Yes Vario Loans Review Apply
    Wage Day Advance Payday Loans 2814% Representative £750 for existing customers Yes - Fee applies Wage Day Advance Payday Loans Review Apply
    WageMe Representative 3963.75% APR £400 for 1st Loan Yes (free for 1st loan) WageMe Review Apply
    Wizzcash 993% APR Representative £200 for 1st loan then up to £1,000 Yes Wizzcash Review Apply

    What does payday loan mean?

    A payday loan means borrowing a small sum of money and paying it back on your next payday along with interest. The payday is usually set to when you get paid, normally a specific date or specific day. Payday loans can range range from £50 to £1,500 and are usually repaid in one payment from your debit card.

    Typically for a payday loan you can expect to pay between £25 and £35 per £100 borrowed. This may seem expensive but it is important to that with some lenders, you can repay your payday loan early to save your self money on interest, you should check with your lender about this.

    What does payday advance mean?

    The Phrase payday advance; is basically just another word for payday loan. A payday advance works the same, you are getting an advance on your wages and then paying it off on your next pay date when you get paid your wages. The same as with a payday loan, you will typically receive your cash advance in one payment and then pay it off at the end of the month with the interest added on.

    What is a payday loan for?

    Payday loans are a popular choice for people who want money paid into their bank account fast. There are many of reasons for wanting a payday loan, but it is advised that you ensure you actually need one before applying. The most popular is to cover an emergency expense. With a payday loan it may be possible to have cash transferred to your bank account – and resolve your needs for quick cash or cash flow problems.

    Since pay day loans are so accessible, there is often a temptation to borrow for less emergency problems. However, getting a payday loan for reasons other than genuine emergencies is not advised. Payday loans can be expensive and should not be used with out thought and you should definitely shop around first..

    A lot of people set up emergency funds for safe keeping. Most financial experts recommend 3-6 months of living expenses as a starting point for an emergency fund. Some people keep their rainy day fund in a jar at home or stashed away in a secret compartment somewhere in their house. Some like to keep their emergency cash in a checking account, ready to withdraw when it’s needed.

    The only problem with emergency cash savings is that not everyone is able to save. It is hard to save money, especially for situations that cannot be predicted. Sometimes we need a cash influx to see us through because if we don’t have the money saved up, this is often the only way we can cover our emergencies.

    Where can I get a payday loan?

    Payday Loans have the largest presence online rather than on the high street etc, however you may still find a few payday lenders on the high street, often found in pawn brokers or in cheque cashing shops. In the next part of this page we will take a look at some of the loan products available online.

    Types of payday loans available online

    UK Payday loans

    The term relates to payday loans that are based in the UK. The applicant must be a UK resident to be able to apply for a loan and they must be employed and living in the United Kingdom for the duration of the loan period. A UK payday loan will include residents of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the funds will be paid out in pounds sterling.

    Cheap payday loans

    A cheap payday loan is where the interest rate is lower than average meaning less interest when it comes to paying the loan off. This is usually noticeable by the indication of a low APR (the annual percentage rate) used to compare financial products. Ways of getting a cheap payday loan are by comparing the APR and cost of borrowing per  £100. displays this cost for you in all of our lenders reviews.

    Payday loans online

    This is a payday loan where you make an application completely online and the funds are transferred directly into your bank account. This is different to applying at a payday shop (eg in a pawn brokers) where there are forms to fill in and the money is handed over to you in cash. You can apply for an payday loan online using the internet on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Meet The Lenders’ website is mobile friendly to allow you to choose how you browse wherever you are.

    Faxless payday loans

    Customers can obtain a payday loan without faxing documents. When payday loans first started up, it used to involve faxing documents back and forth between the customer and the chosen lender. Now technology has advance, most lenders perform credit checks, meaning that lenders don’t need the old fashioned methods these days to verify personal details and transfer money, as they can verify your identity online. Today, payday loan applications and the administration that goes with it can all be done online – completely paperless and no need for faxing.

    1 hour payday loans

    The name says it all. A 1 hour payday loan is when money can be transferred into your account within 1 hour of being approved. This is perfectly suited for applicants who have emergency expenses that cannot wait. There are some lenders who charge a fee to transfer your cash within one hour. But if your situation doesn’t allow, you don’t want to be waiting days for the money. If your bank allows faster payments to receive the funds as quick as they are issued, With a 1 hour payday loan, you will usually be able to withdraw the loan from your account that day.

    Same day Payday loans

    Applicants who are  looking for same day funding will likely search for same-day payday loans. very similar to the above point, the lender can transfer the funds into the applicant’s bank on the same day as being accepted for the loan, except not in so much urgency as the 1 hour payday loan. This is great for applicants who need the money on the same day for an unexpected payment.

    Instant payday loan

    much the same as 1 hour payday loan, the instant payday loan is a way to get cash quickly. By completing a quick application, an instant payday lender will then make a decision as to whether they can approve a loan or not. If you have met the lenders requirements, they may need to contact you to finalize the loan application, then the funds will be arriving almost instantly.

    Direct Payday lenders only

    This is for customers who are looking to work with a direct payday loan company. When the customer goes to a website, they are not looking for brokers or for their details to be passed on elsewhere, they are simply looking for payday lenders only, who could lend up to £1,500 and collect repayment on the customer’s next pay date. We only work with lenders so you don’t have to worry about bumping into a broker here.

    3 month payday loan

    A 3 month loan is a short term loan repaid over 3 months. This option can offer applicants greater flexibility as they can spread the loan payments over a longer period. A 3 month loan is different from a payday loan. With a standard payday loan, the borrower must repay the full amount in one payment on their next or following payday. the ability to pay smaller instalments over a 3 months period could help you to manage finances.

    12 month payday loan

    A 12 month loan gives a customer some more control over their outgoings as they can spread the payments over a full year. Paying back in 12 equal monthly instalments, this type of loan is similar to a payday loan because your payments are in line with your pay day when you receive your pay. Don’t be fooled though, this product may work out more expensive in the long run, so check the total amount payable.

    Take Note!

    Please make sure you really need to apply for a payday loan and that you only borrow as much as you need. Short term loans are only intended to fix short term problems and can work out to be very expensive if not used in the right way, despite how apealing they are at face value. For further help and information visit the Money Advice Service

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