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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find some useful information on our site about direct payday loan lenders to help you make your decision on which payday loans to apply for, even if you’ve got bad credit or refused elsewhere.

Direct Payday Loans

payday loans lenders, compare payday loans online.

We offer no financial advice or services, just an easy to compare list of payday loan lenders and personal loans lenders. We have put the list of payday lenders together to make life easier for prospective applicants who want to apply directly for payday loans or personal loans, if you have bad credit, some of our quick payday loan lenders may be able to help you.

Meet The Lenders is designed to put you in touch with loan lenders, to prevent the need for applying through brokers, who may make many credit searches against you per application, this can often have a negative effect on your credit file – We compare payday loans direct lenders only.

Compare Payday Loans

Our easy to use comparison tables show you all the in information you need to make a quick informed decision on which payday loan or loan lender you’ll use.  Compare direct payday loans from Peachy, MyJar, Mr Lender, QuickQuid, Bonga and more.  Our loan comparison tables even tell you the max loan amounts along with if the lenders use faster payments and the APR* you’ll be charged.


Direct Payday Loan Lenders
Product description: Pay Day Loans Direct from Lenders
Company APR% Max Loan Faster Payments Lends To Review Apply
WageMe Representative 3963.75% APR £400 for 1st Loan Yes (free for 1st loan) WageMe Review Apply
Vario Loans Representative APR 2334% £250 or £500 Yes Vario Loans Review Apply
Swift Sterling 2329% representative £1000 but up to £200 for 1st Loan Next Day Swift Sterling Review Apply
Payday UK 2949.1% Representative £1000 Yes - see their website for details Payday UK Review Apply
Pounds To Pocket 278% Representative £2000 Yes Pounds To Pocket Review Apply
QuickQuid Short-Term 1734% Representative £1500 upto £1000 for 1st Loan Yes QuickQuid Short-Term Review Apply 1058% Representative £500 Yes Review Apply

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Personal Loans

We are building a list of lenders who provide personal loans, some of these may be the long term loans you see over 5 years or some of the lenders we have, are direct loan lenders, who offer alternatives to payday loans, meaning you can take a loan and pay it back over more than one payday. This type of loan works better if your need for a loan is a more long term issue, as you will not be expected to pay the whole sum back in one go, provided you stick to the terms of the agreement.

Some of the personal loans lenders may still be able to help you, if you have a bad credit rating, or have had problems in the past. Just be honest with your application to stand the best chance of approval.

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