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We offer no financial advice or services, just an easy to compare list of payday loan lenders and personal loans lenders. We have put the list of payday lenders together to make life easier for prospective applicants who want to apply directly for payday loans or personal loans, if you have bad credit, some of our quick payday loan lenders may be able to help you.

Meet The Lenders is designed to put you in touch with loan lenders, to prevent the need for applying through brokers, who may make many credit searches against you per application, this can often have a negative effect on your credit file – We compare the payday loans direct lender only.

Compare Payday Loans

Our easy to use comparison tables show you all the in information you need to make a quick informed decision on which payday loan or loan lender you’ll use.  Compare direct pay day loans from Peachy, MyJar, Mr Lender, QuickQuid, Bonga and more.  Our loan comparison tables even tell you the maximum loan amounts along with if the lenders use faster payments and the APR* you’ll be charged.


    Payday Loans Direct Lender
    Product description: Find your loan from a payday loans direct lender
    Company APR% Max Loan Faster Payments Lends To Review Apply
    My Mate Representative 746% APR. £2500 Yes My Mate Review Apply
    Vario Loans Representative APR 2334% £250 or £500 Yes Vario Loans Review Apply
    Swift Sterling 2329% representative £1000 but up to £200 for 1st Loan Next Day Swift Sterling Review Apply
    Payday UK 5290% Representative £1000 Yes - see their website for details Payday UK Review Apply
    Pounds To Pocket Short-Term Loans 278% Representative £2000 Yes Pounds To Pocket Short-Term Loans Review Apply
    QuickQuid Short-Term Loans 1999% Representative £1500 upto £1000 for 1st Loan Yes QuickQuid Short-Term Loans Review Apply
    MYJAR 1272% Representative £500 Yes MYJAR Review Apply

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    What are Payday loans?payday loans and lenders

    A payday loan is a one – off, short term loan designed to help your finances until you receive your monthly wages. You generally get the option to borrow between £80 to £1,000 and the conception is that you settle off the loan in full as soon as your wages arrive in your bank.
    However this, instant access borrowing doesn’t come cheaply, and some payday loans direct lenders charge rates of interest into the thousands.

    Although payday loan lenders design their packages to be short – period, instant loans there is an option to roll on your debt from month to month – not such a good idea considering the amount of interest you will be paying.

    Who should consider accepting one?

    Payday loans shouldn’t ever represent your first option. However, despite the fact that the ‘Credit Crunch’ may be officially over, it has left many folk still desperate for cash. If you have exhausted every other likely avenue of raising funds, have a few too marks on your credit file and have an  unavoidable reason for needing the money, then – and only thereupon – should you consider the possibility of taking out a payday loan.

    There are exceptional circumstances that might push you towards fascinating out a pay day loan, such as an accidental bill. However always try contacting whoever sent you the bill first. If you explain your situation then it may be possible to come to some arrangement with regards to making alternative payments – don’t think that a ‘bad credit loan’ is your only option. Investigating other possible avenues of finance first is a must.

    How to get one?

    Payday lenders advertise their product as instant loans pushing the fact that applying for one of their same day loans is quick and easy – which, of course, is part of their attraction – rather than properly explaining the cost. They are more lenient with borrowing history meaning bad credit won’t necessarily affect your application although they will bear in mind affordability and carry out checks. If you care to apply for payday loans online and have the funds transferred to your bank account in as little as 15 minutes, then as long as you are over 18, have a bank account and are employed with a regular monthly income, then you should be able to apply for a payday loan from a selection of payday loan lenders which gives you the power to compare your options and find the cheapest if you really need to go down this avenue of finance.

    Even though the interest rates on pay day loans are measureless, you should still shop around again, try to get the lowest possible APR you find. To give you an idea, take a quick look at our payday loan comparison tables, which shows rates of interest. Applying for the lower APR could mean a significant saving on the amount of interest you pay back. Comparing the cost of the amount you wish to borrow, over the period you want to borrow it, is essential in that this is the only method by which you’ll know what your borrowing will cost you.

    Some payday loan lenders hide their APR rates by quoting your repayments in pounds only. Paying back £125 when you borrow £100 might sound attractive if you are in a tight situation, but lurking behind that £25 assailing is an APR of 1737 %. You need to pay attention to the APR %. If you fail to pay back your loan with your month’s wages, you may find yourself being charged extra interest in each subsequent month.

    Importantly, just because applying for short term loans is so quick and easy, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush into it when it comes to taking one out. Take your time and read the fine print in the terms & conditions extremely carefully. Compare payday loans direct lenders, and compare their criteria – again most importantly compare APRs against the cost of borrowing. You should also ensure that they are signed up to the Good Practice Charter because this should mean that they’ll employ enhanced measures to give you a fairer service.


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